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Palestinian child fatalities spike during Gaza protests

6 okt 2018 - 16:06

The number of children killed by Israel so far this year is already triple the total slain in 2017.

Jewish Community Federation admits it secretly funded Canary Mission

5 okt 2018 - 21:45

Documents prove that Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs uses blacklisting website to deny entry to Americans.

Gaza "laboratory" boosts profits of Israel's war industry

5 okt 2018 - 11:15
Live feedback from the battlefield gives Israeli arms industry an inherent commercial advantage.

Learning in a puddle

4 okt 2018 - 10:53
An “entitled” Palestinian refugee remembers his school days.

Palestine in Pictures: September 2018

3 okt 2018 - 19:09
A monthly roundup of photographs documenting Palestine, Palestinian life, politics and culture, and international solidarity with Palestine.

Five days of hell

1 okt 2018 - 21:10
A woman recently treated for cancer had a major ordeal returning to Gaza from Cairo.

Palestinian-French lawyer Salah Hamouri freed by Israel

30 sep 2018 - 18:10

The human rights defender was held for 13 months without charge or trial.

British firm JCB helps Israel commit war crimes

29 sep 2018 - 10:08

Executives warned they could incur “criminal liability” over imminent destruction of Khan al-Ahmar.

Bloody Friday as Gaza marks six months of protests

29 sep 2018 - 08:05

Israel kills seven protesters, two of them children.

Federal court blocks anti-BDS law in Arizona

28 sep 2018 - 22:22

German court rules that municipality illegally interfered with freedom of assembly when it blocked BDS event.

The theater where we felt free

27 sep 2018 - 19:58
Artists remain in shock after Israel bombed the Said al-Mishal Cultural Center in Gaza City.

Michigan professor stands firm despite Israel lobby attacks

27 sep 2018 - 19:39

Israel lobby determined to make it “too costly” to support Palestinian rights on campus.

Video: Obliterating Gaza’s cultural center

27 sep 2018 - 11:40
Artists vow to go on despite Israel's destruction of Said al-Mishal cultural center.

War criminal promoted to chief of Israel lobby group

26 sep 2018 - 22:28

Michael Herzog had a direct role in deadly attacks on Gaza.

Autopsy shows Palestinian beaten to death, PA says

26 sep 2018 - 21:24

After release, poet Dareen Tatour vows to continue writing.

UK Labour enables assaults on free speech

26 sep 2018 - 13:52
The Israel lobby is determined to censor activists who defend Palestinian rights.

Defying Israel lobby, Labour votes for arms freeze

26 sep 2018 - 11:15

Emily Thornberry fails to protect Israel from end to UK arms trade.

No evidence a single Gaza protester killed by Israel was armed

26 sep 2018 - 02:56

Rights groups emphasize need for accountability at UN Human Rights Council.

Listen: How Israel helps refine US tactics of repression

24 sep 2018 - 17:50

A Palestinian American secretly recorded her interrogation by Israeli officers at Ben Gurion airport.

Gaza children killed by Israeli snipers, air attack

21 sep 2018 - 22:17

Six Gaza protesters slain in one week.

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