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The fear I learned during Cast Lead has never left me

18 jan 2018 - 10:21
Nine years on, Israel’s Operation Cast Lead and the PA’s betrayal have left indelible marks.

Israeli military court refuses to release Ahed Tamimi

17 jan 2018 - 20:24

Israel is enforcing collective punishment on the Tamimi family and their village of Nabi Saleh in the occupied West Bank.

Haunted by the horrors of Cast Lead

17 jan 2018 - 14:34
Israel has still not been held accountable for massacres it carried out nine years ago.

Trump cut causes "worst financial crisis" in UNRWA history

17 jan 2018 - 12:56

Palestinian refugees will feel immediate impact as teachers are laid off.

Apple censors Vic Mensa's views on Palestine

16 jan 2018 - 23:19

Grammy-nominated artist has been unsparing in his criticism of Israel’s oppression.

Prominent Tunisians pledge to fight normalization with Israel

16 jan 2018 - 22:16

Organizers hope that call will mark milestone for BDS in the Arab world.

Is a Canadian political party on track to support BDS?

16 jan 2018 - 21:42

Members of the New Democratic Party prepare action to defend Palestinian rights.

Video: Building a theater audience in Gaza

16 jan 2018 - 20:18
Palestine’s Theater is a troupe founded in 2011 in Gaza City.

US media reverse Ahed Tamimi's reality

15 jan 2018 - 12:12

New York Times and Newsweek conduct propaganda against Palestinians.

Israel has already killed three Palestinian children in 2018

13 jan 2018 - 02:42

Army officer will likely not stand trial in shooting death of teen returning home from pool party in 2016.

New Orleans resolution is victory, test for Palestinian rights movement

12 jan 2018 - 22:37

City votes to screen companies it does business with for human rights abuses.

Israel arrests another Tamimi teenager

12 jan 2018 - 17:50

Human rights groups around the world are calling for the release of Ahed Tamimi and other Palestinian prisoners.

Meet Hen Mazzig, Israel's "guru" of grotesque behavior

12 jan 2018 - 15:42

Military propagandist fails to prove his work in the occupied West Bank was “humanitarian.”

Jeremy Corbyn concerned over Israeli boycott blacklist

12 jan 2018 - 12:20

UK’s Labour leader speaks about ban on BDS groups.

Trump to punish Palestinians as example for rest of world

11 jan 2018 - 23:38

Cutting aid for refugee agency UNRWA subject of fierce discussion within US administration

These are the Palestinian children Israel killed in 2017

10 jan 2018 - 22:39

Fourteen Palestinian boys and girls under the age of 18 were shot dead by Israeli forces.

Israel seizes Gaza fishermen featured in photostory

10 jan 2018 - 21:32

Two children among six taken in latest attack by Israeli navy.

Activists celebrate closure of Israeli settlement builder's New York store

10 jan 2018 - 04:17

Employees of diamond magnate Lev Leviev tried to bribe New York police to quell protests for Palestinian rights.

Israel using electricity to blackmail Gaza

10 jan 2018 - 00:27

Power supply increases, but barely enough to relieve dire situation.

Israel fast-tracks expulsions of Palestinian communities

9 jan 2018 - 18:00

Over 600 Palestinians were displaced in 2017.

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